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Free Medical Brochure Templates (3 Templates)

6 Mar medical package brochure template

There are millions of medical brochures which are prepared each year. These brochures are not prepared in a correct way because of which they are thrown in the bin without having a second glance on them. It is very important to know the purpose of the brochure so that it can be designed well.

A great concept and a creative idea is required to design a best medical brochure. Designing a brochure requires that you should know that whom you are addressing in the brochure and what you want to say. You should know about the interest and life style of the people for whom you are going to design the brochure. Another important thing to be known is services and product details which are being offered in the brochure and also the benefits of such project. You should be able to convey your message very effectively through the brochure. Here are some tips which can be very helpful for anyone who is about to design a brochure.

  1. While designing a medical brochure, always keep the target audience in your mind. If you are designing a medical brochure, keep that in mind that this brochure will be seen by the medical professionals. If you are advertising about any medicine in it, then it should use such style and language which can show that the medicine actually meets the needs of the medical professionals.
  2. Always add big and happy photos in the brochure. Never show anyone in the pain when you are advertising for a medicine. A happy person in the picture gives a message to the reader about the good effects of the medicine.
  3. People do not want to read so much as they do not want to spend their precious time the medical brochure. use a very simple language and very short sentences which can be read and understood easily. Also, try to write your words in bullets. Keep the word count minimum and use maximum pictures on the brochure in order to convey your message.
  4. Try to write a very attractive headline. If the medical brochure is for a patient, then prepare the headline in such a way that it can grab the attention of the patient. It should reflect the benefits which a patient can have after using this medical product.
  5. Always use your information on the main page of brochure. Use your phone number, your email address and all other information which can be needed by the reader of the brochure. Write it on the first page so that the reader can easily find it as the people do not bother to search for the contact details which is not very prominent on the brochure.
  6. Use your company’s logo on the brochure and also make it consistent with the website of the company so that people can recognize it easily. Selection of right color is also very important. The selection of the color depends on the type of brochure. If it is a medical brochure you can use any light color for your brochure or you can hire a good designer who can suggest a good color for the brochure and can design a best medical brochure for you.

Here are a few freely available medical brochure templates. Here comes first of our free brochure templates available online.

Simple Yet Effective Medical Brochure – Stationery Templates

This is quite a simple brochure design as it appears but definitely effective to get started with designing your very own brochure design.

Beautiful syringe reflection world health day template brochure

Medical Package Brochure Template – Office Templates

Here is another good looking medical brochure template created using MS Word.

medical package brochure template

Medical Brochure – Tri-fold offered by MS Office Website

Here is a good looking medical brochure template offered by Microsoft.