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Choosing the Right Money Envelopes

26 Sep

At Indian weddings, the basic rituals and activities, keeps extreme value when it comes to home associated with the bride and groom. Its name is ‘shagun’, a quantity of cash that is certainly provided to the family members in the contrary side as a sign of love and respect. In order to really show your feelings at this special event to ensure that the money in envelopes you select are special as well. Using the money envelops are much considered to be beneficial for the family members. There are some benefits to consider the money envelops.

That is why we can say that having appealing however discreet wedding money envelopes is must and would add to the oath amongest the two families.


Choosing the Right Money Envelopes

Choosing the Right Money Envelopes


Selecting the Right Money Envelope there are some Tips to consider;

When providing a cash envelope, you’ll need to make sure a few things that helps to make your whole procedure appealing and joyous. Check out things you really need to keep in mind to make sure that you really depict your regard when it comes to celebration.

Size and shape:

The very first thing that you will need to decide is the size and shape of the envelops that can be found in numerous forms and dimensions. It’s up to you to decide the one that suits your purpose greatest. Usually, a simple rectangular envelope can be utilized. Bu for a wedding, there are sufficient kinds to select that from to make certain to check them all completely.



For a wedding, there are numerous design envelopes. For instance, if you’re providing the envelope to your parents associated with groom, you can acquire that the stone covered and colorful ones. The most common types that can help to provide the ‘shagun’ to your various other relatives.


Choosing the Right Money Envelopes

Choosing the Right Money Envelopes


A special feature about the income envelopes that can locate them in diverse price ranges as well. There are many offered into the bracket of Rs 5-10 per piece, there is the one exceeding of Rs 100 per piece as well. Thus, start thinking about your budget and the number of such envelopes you want before generating an option. It could be ideal if you purchase reasonable for the relatives that much more costly and decorated once and when it comes to instant household.


One Rupee Envelopes:

It is a custom to provide ‘shagun’ on a holy occasion, it’s required to add a quantity of one rupee into the complete amount. For example, if the amount you provide is Rs 500, you’ll actually need to devote Rs 501, with the one additional rupee as a token of great fortune or blessings. The great thing is that you can choose cash envelopes which come with a one rupee coin stuck into the front.

The truth is, cash envelopes play a vital part and declare amounts regarding the thoughts towards your new family members. Because this is a token of affection, if presented in an elegant manner, it will be certainly impact the guests positively.