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A Guide to Choosing a Construction Quality Control Plan

26 May

Whether you’re purchasing a pre-written quality control program or writing your very own, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer an easy one that’s 30 pages or less or a more comprehensive one that’s 100 pages or more (or something like that in between).

Listed here are 5 points to think about when choosing a quality control arrange for your business or project.

1. Review your contract quality specifications

Before you decide to choose to decide on a strategy you need to comprehend exacltly just what the clients needs.

Simple Plan

Your client features really particular tips but few requirements. Then an easy high quality control plan may work.
Comprehensive Plan

Your client features an extended a number of needs, sources ISO 9001 compliance or any various other particular QA/QC requirements.
Vague or couple of contract specs that describe a wide extent such as “describe your QA/QC program – Unless you know that your client actually doesn’t desire to see much information, this generally suggests the client is seeking a comprehensive extensive program.quality-control-plan

Clich here to download this Quality Control Plan template
2. Think associated with measurements of your organization and/or contracts

Next, consider your business, contract size, as well as your goals.

Simple Plan

You typically have contracts under $500,000
Comprehensive Plan

You are a method to big dimensions company
You’re planning to develop or expand
Your contracts are large or you like to bid in bigger contracts
3. Take into account that your consumers are

Frequently your decision of exactly what construction quality intend to use is predetermined by your clients. Are your clients into the personal sector or community industry?

Simple Plan

Your client is personal sector and you’ve determined that you only need an easy base on various other requirements.
Comprehensive Plan

Your customer or clients are mainly public industry (military and government) – Military/government tasks require extensive contractor high quality programs and programs. It’s well to have your plan formatted to suit your contracting officer’s checklist. Your contracting officer will value it and may be very likely to find most of the elements he or this woman is shopping for.
4. Give consideration to your industry

Occasionally simply by working in a specific industry you’ll be expected to have a more comprehensive program.

For instance, the power sector typically demands thorough plans from the technicians. Many often, they’ll need conformance to ISO 9001 criteria or refer to your quality management system when you look at the contract requirements.

5. When there’s no one-size-fits-all solution

If you will discover that occasionally you can expect to need a simple program, but in other cases you can expect to require one that’s comprehensive. Next, start thinking about an extensive building quality control plan which you can measure up or down dependent on your contract or task.

With this, you’ll want a multipurpose comprehensive plan. This kind of plan includes a manager overview (good for bid qualifications), a project-specific section (good for small projects), a company-specific section (to include on bigger projects), and a collection of various kinds and standard operating treatments (that you can select from according to the task).


No matter which form of plan you choose, make sure it permits you to manage any project quality and guarantee quality outcomes.