Fine Art Vs Popular Art

1 Apr

The purpose of art is to express feelings and emotions to convey message through colors. It gives appealing look and makes things beautiful. Fine art is a very vast field that can consist of painting, sketching, drawing, portrait making, music, drama, theaters, and so on. These are the important ways to change thinking, whereas a lot of unique creations can also be included in it.

There is another term known as popular art or pop art. This art is being used since 1950’s era and is mostly used in comic books, movies, and advertising, particularly on television. An advance concept of art is product labeling and logos that are derived from pop art. This art plays an important role in business world of both marketing and product promotion.

Art is used to enhance the quality of life by giving courage, hope, new ideas, celebrations, and adding beauty to life and above all it makes people’s thinking powerful. It covers the areas ranging from a kid’s development to polishing the skills of communication, cognition, and creativity. The fine art also helps in giving awareness of different cultures and prepares a person to be responsible.

Fine art helps in seeing the world with an aesthetic sense and shows that there are several ways to view the world beautifully. It is the perfect medium to be in contact with knowledgeable people. It educates about historical period through theaters, paintings, and lot more. Proper education of art is necessary for everyone in order to make the vision broader and imply various ways of thinking and understanding.

Popular art helps artists to take objects, themes, and scenes from people’s life and focus their attributes. This art is particularly for those who are not satisfied with abstract painting as images are clearer in pop art rather than abstracts. New images are being produced everyday in the world of pop art by TV, newspapers, magazines, and Hollywood. Artists establish and develop popular culture and want to use every image of daily life in a perfect way. The concept of pop art is initiated and introduced by the famous artist Andy Warhol.

Pop art is becoming more popular as it has bright and vivid colors and bold pictures. A number of companies use computers to mold photos and make print on canvases but an artist can do this fast by using pop art. However in both cases, technology does matters a lot. Any effect to the photo, such as color and gray scale, can be given just by clicking a button. An unlimited number of colors are available to select from. Likewise, fine art also has great importance in daily life as it plays major role in posters, textiles, digital photography, banners, clothes, and fabrics, etc. Although fine art and popular art have some different characteristics yet these are essential terms of today’s modern world.


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